The Advantages of Reading to Babies and Toddlers

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Now, beyond hair accessories, clothes, shoes and other material things you can get for your babies, there are whole other non-physical gifts you can give children. Parents need to learn as they go along and adapt the things, they learn into how they interact with their kids.

One such way is by reading to babies. Many parents are not aware of the benefits of reading to babes even when you think they can’t understand. As such, parents start reading to kids late or they never do and so miss out on a lot of the benefits. Below we discuss the benefits of reading to kids from a very young age

It is a Bonding Experience

Baby Bow Tie Hair ClipsIt is every parent’s dream to be able to create and maintain a bond with the kids effortlessly. Luckily there are many ways that babies and parents can form and strengthen a bond and one of those ways is by reading to them. Reading to your babies not only gives you too some alone time but if they are older and can talk, it leads to good conversations which make you feel more connected to each other.

For babies, hearing the sound of your voice as you read to them makes them feel happy and safe. Reading to babies is a nurturing move and it is even advised that parents start to read to their kids when they are still in the womb.

This gives them more chance to hear your voice and it takes away the added step of thinking of what to say to your baby (since talking to your baby while in the womb is advised). So, reading to them is a great activity to do.

It Inspires Confidence in Kids

Baby Bow Tie Hair ClipsFor preschoolers and toddlers in general, reading helps inspire confidence in them because it directly affects their other learning abilities. When a kid is read to constantly at home, they become better and faster readers, and this makes them learn faster and do better in school.

When a kid is confident in their learning abilities, they are more open to trying new things, taking on new challenges and learning more and more. So, it’s a gift that just keeps on giving. The more you read to your kids, the more knowledge they’ll absorb the more their ability to absorb and retain knowledge while growing.

Some studies have also shown that reading to kids at home gives them a head start when they eventually start schooling, and this reflects not only in language and literature but in all other subjects.

It Increases Their Ability to Express

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Reading teaches kids the ability to express themselves emotionally in a healthy way. This is greatly determined by the kinds of books you read to them or let them read. When kids read stories of courage, conflict, happiness, relationships, obedience etc.

They consciously and subconsciously emulate the lessons learned from the stories in their own lives and day to day activities. Reading also helps develop a child’s empathy. When they get lost in a story, they put themselves in the shoes of the characters in the books and this develops their abilities to empathize in their day to day lives.

It Develops Language Skills

Baby Bow Tie Hair ClipsReading to kids from early on develops their speaking abilities faster than their non-reading peers. We already know that reading helps adults write and speak better. This is also true for kids. When kids read and are read to, they build their vocabulary on different topics and in that particular language.

They will learn words and phrases that they normally won’t hear in their day to day interaction and thus will be able to better express themselves. If your child is bilingual or you are trying to make them bilingual, reading to them and have them read books in the different languages will lead to them developing better language skills and fluency in those languages.

It Makes Them Smarter

Baby Bow Tie Hair ClipsBy now, you must have already deduced from the points above, that reading enhances the brain of a child and this makes them smarter. When kids are exposed to reading from a young age, their brain gets used to learning new things and they develop the ability to soak in new information faster. It also increases their analytical skills and their ability to concentrate.

MIKE ROSS. The ability to concentrate is a good skill that will help them in school and during those toddler years when they become and very playful and curious. With a background in reading, they will be able to balance out their hyperactivity with a calmness when they read and they will be able to channel some of their toddler curiosity towards reading more books and away from breaking things around the house.

It Makes them More Imaginative and Creative

Baby Bow Tie Hair ClipsOne main benefit of reading books to kids at an early age is one that’s overlooked and that’s the benefit of instilling an imaginative and creative mindset in a child. Think of imaginative books like Alice in Wonderland, The Hobbit or other adventurous books, they enforce imagination and creativity and breaking the limits of what’s put in front of us.

When a child is exposed to this at an early age, they grow up to be more creative people which makes them more productive and successful in whatever profession they choose.